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Journal Articles


Gender, Sexuality and Development:

Revisiting and Reflecting (2016)

[with J. Edwards], IDS Bulletin, 47:2

Policy Advocacy for Women's Unpaid Care Work: Comparing Approaches and Strategies in Nepal and Nigeria (2015)

[with D. Chopra, P. Ekeoba, R. Moussie and M. Sherpa], Gender & Development, 22:3


Book Chapters

Gender, Sexuality and Work: A Case Study of Female Live-in Domestic Workers in Nigeria (2011)

in Toyin Falola and Bessie House-Soremekun (eds.) Gender, Sexuality and Mothering in Africa (Africa World Press)


Policy Reports

Building Alliances to Address Sexual and

Gender-based Violence (2015) 

IDS Policy Briefing, 105 (IDS: Brighton)


'They call me warrior': The legacy of conflict and the struggle to end sexual and gender-based violence in Sierra Leone (2015)

[with E. Mills, J.L Diggins and T. Mackieu], IDS Evidence Report, 155 (IDS: Brighton)

'Who Cares': Reflections on the International-level Advocacy Work of the Unpaid Care Work Programme (2012 - 2015)

[with D. Chopra], IDS Evidence Report, 157 (IDS: Brighton)

Making Care Visible: Influencing Story on Policy Change on Unpaid Care Work (2015)

[with S. Nazneen and V. Utari], IDS (IDS: Brighton)


Unpaid Care Work Programme: Uganda Progress Report (2012-14) (2015)

[with H. M. Apila], IDS Evidence Report, 126 (IDS: Brighton)


Engaging Men and Boys to End Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Sierra Leone: A Stakeholder Mapping Report, June 2014 (2015)

[with E. Mills and J. Diggins], IDS Evidence Report, 110 (IDS:Brighton)


Men in Collective Action on SGBV in Kenya: A Case Study (2014)

[with J. Edström, C. Izugbara, P.E Otieno, M. Granvik and S. Matindi], IDS Evidence Report, 70 (IDS: Brighton)


The Shifting Roles of Men in Collective Action on SGBV in Kenya: Report of a Movement and Influence Mapping Workshop, Nairobi, 3-5 July 2013 (2014)

[with J. Edström, C. Murgor, P.E. Otieno and C. Izugbara),IDS Evidence Report, 62 (IDS: Brighton)

Unpaid Care Work Programme: Nepal Progress Report (2012-13) (2014)

[with D. Chopra], IDS Evidence Report, 54 (IDS: Brighton)


Country Progress Report (2012-2013): Nigeria (2013)

[with D. Chopra], IDS Evidence Report, 46 (IDS: Brighton)


Blog Posts

Do more equitable divisions of caregiving contribute to lower rates of violence against women or children? (2015)

IDS Interactions


A timely report on fatherhood and caregiving (2015)

IDS Interactions 


Advocating for Care in the post-2015 agenda (2015)

IDS Blogs


Uncomfortable Spaces of Privilege’: Reflecting on the ‘Undressing Patriarchy, Redressing Inequalities Symposium (2013)

IDS Participation, Power and Social Change Blog


Reflections on Researching Domestic Workers in Lagos, Nigeria (2013)

Africa at LSE Blog

Church attacks in Northern Nigeria have added a new and bloody dimension to the intractable conflict with Boko Haram (2012)

Africa at LSE Blog


Domestic Workers in Nigeria (2012)

Natural Nigerian

Policing African Women’s Dress (2012)

Gender Across Borders


"Ungodly, Morally and Religiously Unacceptable": Homosexuality in Nigeria (2012)

Gender Across Borders


Beyond Numbers: Women’s Political Marginalisation in Nigeria (2012)

Gender Across Borders


Welcome to Lagos: A documentary that’s well overdue (2011)

The Global Urbanist


On African Literature


Nawal El Saadawi: "All people are mixed blood, the more mixed you are the better" (2016)

African Arguments

Nawal El Saadawi: "My identity is not fixed" (2016)

New African Magazine


Africa writes back: 10 books to look out for (2016)

New African Magazine

Nameless Narrators in African Fiction (2015)

Bakwa Magazine

Ten Gay Characters from African Literature Everyone Should Know (2015)

[with Dele Meiji Fatunla], What’s On Africa

A Powerful Literary Debut: A Review of "We Need New Names" by NoViolet Bulawayo (2014)

Selamta - Ethiopian Airlines Inflight Magazine


50 Books by African Men Everyone Should Read (2014)

[with Dele Meiji Fatunla],  What's On Africa


Blogging the Caine Prize: Efemia Chela’s “Chicken” (2014)

Africa in Words

50 Books by African Women Everyone Should Read (2014)

[with Dele Meiji Fatunla], What's On Africa


Review of The Shining Girls’ (2013)

Paradoxa: Africa SF, 25: 321-325


A New Frontier for African Literature:  A review of AfroSF (2013) 

Selamta – Ethiopian Airlines Inflight Magazine


African Writing and the Caine Prize (2012)

Selamta –Ethiopian Airlines Inflight Magazine


A Look at LGBT Literature in sub-Saharan Africa (2012)

 Gender AcrossBorders

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